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    Show Report

    SpeChem China 2016

    September 21-23, 2016 

    Basic Info:

    SpeChem China is the annual event in China Fine Chemical Industry, which is focusing on the trading cooperation, technology communication and brand building for fine and specialty chemicals. It is the famous event in China related in intermediate materials.


    Launched since 2008, SpeChem China has gained much attention from China market and global market. Every year, it attracted more than 5000 attendees from all over the world. The buyers were from pharmaceutical, agrochemical, coatings, food, electronics, water treatment and rubber and plastics.

    Number of SpeChem 2016



    Exhibit Area




    Data of Visitors

    The countries covered the USA, Russia, Korea, Japan, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan Pakistan, Ukraine, Armenia and etc. The visitors came from pharmaceutical, agrochemical, environmental protection; daily used chemical, textile, food, e-commerce, logistics, new materials, chemical equipment, and Chemical Park and etc.70.73% from Asia countries         60.55% from East China

    17.07% from North America         13.40% from North China

    12.20% from Europe                    12.41% from Middle China

    Onsite Activities

    All the activities are very popular and covered industry trend, updated technology, new products and business meeting. The famous companies and institute present their experience and new info during the event. Most visitors felt satisfied with the event and the meeting. 


    SpeChem China is aiming at become the one of the famous event in international fine chemicals industry. It is like a sister event with Chemspec Europe, InformEx USA. And it will bring more opportunity to innovation and technology update news to the market.

    For more details:

    Tel+86-10-64208425,  64285845,6422289864227119


    Email: maoml@ccpitchem.org.cn



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